Hello Seasonal Depression

I recently read a news article that claimed that January was the most depressing month of the year. Not surprising if you think about it. Most people just dumped a ton of money on Christmas gifts that they couldn’t afford and now tax season looms in the near future. Not to mention it’s cold, dark and gloomy most days.

I have always struggled with seasonal depression. For the longest time I believed it was because of the cold days and long nights but this January has thrown that theory out the window. We’ve had 70 and 80 degree sunny days for most of this “winter” season here in the south. Yet here I am in the throes of depression despite the warm sunny weather. It’s true that the shorter days could play a role in causing my Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but I have a few other theories that I want to test out.

Enjoying a warm January afternoon at the beach.

It’s no secret that diet and lifestyle choices play a huge role in how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. I will come as no shock that I believe the winter blues may have started brewing before winter ever showed up.

Think about it. For three straight months we have holidays that are all about indulgence. Halloween kicks it off bu spiking our blood sugar through the roof with literally buckets of candy. Once we get on that rollercoaster ride it’s hard to get off. Then comes the pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice lattes. Which are pretty much impossible to turn down. Thanksgiving is just an excuse to eat ridiculous amounts of food in the name of gratitude. Don’t get me started on Christmas. It’s pretty much the sugar bomb with its cookies and chocolates and peppermint mochas. By the time we make it to the end of the year we’ve totally knocked our body out of balance.

I know that my food choices have played a huge role in my lack of physical and mental energy. And so I am embarking on a junk food cleanse! I truly wish to restore my vitality and wake up feeling refreshed instead of stiff and groggy. This morning was my last indulgence before taking the leap back onto the wagon ( I had French toast if you’re curious)

This most certainly is not my first rodeo. I seem to go through cycles ever year where I do really well at taking care of myself then I fall off the wagon face first into a pile of chocolate cake. I’d like to say that this will be the last time I fail and ha e to restart, but I don’t know if there’s ever a time when you find that perfect balance forever. I think it’s a constant learning experience. Every time I fall I learn something new and am able to use that to get back on my feet.

I can’t wait to get back to feeling like myself again and not a sack of potatoes. I’ll be sure to update you on my progress over the next several months.

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