Update on Energy Reading For The COVID-19 Crisis

Over last several months as I have watched the situation around COVID-19 unfold, I have, for the most part, been able to keep my cool and avoid falling into fear and anxiety. However I felt something shift starting at the end of last week. My sleep became very restless and night after night I have been plagued with nightmares and very vivid dreams about the current situations in our world. I have noticed a very intense energetic shift over the last week and it has left me feeling unsettled.

Often times when my intuition tells me something I feel it as a spark in the pit of my stomach. That is the only way that I can describe the sensation. I felt this spark a couple months ago when I was speaking to my husband about the virus. At the time it had not quite blown up into the fiasco that we are witnessing today. I remember saying to him that I felt like this virus wasn’t going to be THAT big of a deal and as soon as the words left my lips I felt the spark in my solar plexus. That was the moment that I knew I was wrong. This was going to be much bigger than I had anticipated.

Even after the realization that this pandemic would stir up chaos in our world I still did not feel myself plagued with anxiety or a sense of foreboding. Yet, today I cannot say the same.

The sparks that I have felt have increased substantially. I have this gut feeling that we are about to get a slap in the face once again. My purpose in sharing this experience I am having is not meant to stir up fear or more anxiety. I wish to share this with you because I want to explain what I am feeling intuitively and how I am handling it.

The Month of April

About two weeks ago I shared an energy reading on the COVID-19 pandemic. In my reading I received the message that things would continue to escalate during the first two weeks of April quite dramatically both in the number of COVID-19 cases and in the enforcement of government regulations. I predicted that drastic measures would be taken in this time including strict government enforced regulations on the free movement of citizens. In the timeline that I received I saw that these regulations and the number of daily cases would reach their peak sometime around mid April.

In the prediction I saw that nearing the last couple weeks of April some leaders would begin the proccess of lifting restrictions and reopening the economy and that as we entered into May we would be on the down slide.

As we have observed over the last couple of days, that prediction has came to fruition thus far. We saw a huge spike in reported cases in the first week of April and an even bigger spike in the second week. Many states that had held out on placing Shelter In Place Orders into effect finally joined the majority of the US and passed the executive order. As we have moved into the second half of April the numbers of new COVID-19 cases have gradually declined and government leaders are now discussing the process of reopening businesses.

Update 5/8/20:

On April 17th, the day after this post was published the White House released its plan to reopen America which gave the states a phased approach to lifting SIPO orders. By the end of April, eighteen states lifted their SIPO and eased up on restrictions while other states extended their orders. As of the first week of May, twenty seven states have lifted their SIPO.

Civil Unrest

The other prediction that I made was that we would begin to face civil unrest as people continue to lose their jobs and source of income. The financial toll on American citizens would far exceed the reach of government aid and there would be a division between the people; one part of the nation demanding to go back to work and the other demanding that quarantine and shelter in place orders be extended. The hostility amongst the people would increase in intensity as time goes on.

This week (second week of April) protesters have began to rally in the streets demanding that they have the right to reopen their businesses and put citizens back to work. The recent incident in Raleigh, NC sparked a lot of controversy as protesters were threatened with arrest if they did not disperse from a peaceful protest outside of the Capital Building. Later the Wake County Sheriff’s Office rubbed salt in the wound by releasing a statement saying that protesting was not considered an essential activity and therefore it was in violation of the Governor’s executive order. This of course has attracted a lot of push back and I have a feeling we will see more of these situations to come.

Lasting Effects

The dreams that I have been having and the intuitive hits that I have felt keep pointing into one direction. I hesitate to say this, and I admit that there is a chance that I am wrong, but I keep receiving the same intuitive message again and again and have been for weeks; That the effects from the government ordered shutdowns would take a toll on our society far worse than anyone could expect. The message that keeps coming through is that though the actions that our leaders have taken has helped slow the virus in some ways, the damage caused by these actions could potentially outweigh the threat of the virus.

A Heavy Burden

I have felt a tremendous burden both from what I am witnessing in our world and from the unsettling dreams and messages that I have received. This week I have felt so emotional, anxious and fatigued. Yesterday I felt this rage inside of me. I was angry with everyone and kept overreacting to little things. I practically had a tantrum over the fact that I couldn’t find a clean towel.

For the first several weeks of self isolation I was diligently practicing grounding rituals and meditations, but as time passed I felt myself feeling resistant to it. The restlessness made it feel impossible to sit still and breathe. However as I cried in the shower last night I knew I had to push through that resistance and ground myself.

I went into meditation and allowed whatever needed to come up to come up in me. I moved my body and danced to expel the stagnant energy that had clung to my body and mind. After just 10 minutes of practicing this I felt so much lighter. Once I came out of that state of agitation and overwhelm, I was able to see things from a larger perspective.

Responding in Love

I realize that allowing myself to fall into the pits of despair, worry and fear keeps me from being able to show compassion and love to others. It acts like a barrier between us and others. The hostility that I feel rising in the people can be stopped. We must take a moment to pause and ask ourselves, what intention do I have and will this action or these words accomplish that intention? Is this action/these words coming from a place of love or fear?

I most certainly need to work on being mindful of the places I allow my heart to wander. It is so hard in times like this to avoid the trap of fear and stay on the path of love. There is so much pain and suffering all around us and sometimes it’s hard to discern where the line is drawn between protecting someone and harming another. To that, the only advice I can give is to pray. Go within and ask the divine to guide you. Listen to your inner wisdom, check in with the body. Before you take action or open your mouth to speak, test it against your heart.

Listen to the energy report here

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