How To Get The Best Sound Quality During Your Interview

Below I have included some suggestions for getting the best recorded episode.

Sound quality is an important aspect of a podcast. In order to create a pleasant listening experience for our listeners we can follow a few simple steps.

If You Are Using A USB Microphone

  1. Stay 4–6 inches (10–15 cm) from your microphone.
  2. Wear headphones.
  3. Record somewhere quiet. ( If you hear something, the microphone probably can, too.)
  4. Turn off notification sounds or set to do not disturb.
  5. Try to stay still
  6. Face toward the microphone when speaking

If You Are Using Your Smart Phone

  1. Avoid using speakerphone.
  2. Record somewhere quiet.
  3. Turn off notification sounds or set to do not disturb.
  4. Try not to move around

If You Are Using a Headset or Headphone mic

  1. Make sure the mic is held in front of your mouth approximately 4-5 inches away.
  2. Record somewhere quiet
  3. Silence notifications and calls
  4. Try not to move around
  5. Avoid letting the mic hang down near your clothing

Don’t let these steps intimidate you. The recording doesn’t need to be perfect. The most important part is that you have fun and enjoy yourself.

If you have any questions about recording please contact me as soon as possible.