Time is an Illusion

In reality it never happened….

A Course In Miracles

Time is an illusion. Perhaps you have heard this saying before; especially now that we are experiencing a rise in universal spiritual teachings. This morning as I was spending time in my morning devotion I read a passage in The Course In Miracles that struck a cord in me.

The instant the idea of separation entered the mind of God’s Son, in that same instant was God’s Answer given. In time this happened very long ago. In reality it never happened at all.

A Course In Miracles

The line “In reality it never happened at all.” gave me pause. I sat back and absorbed the essence of truth within those words and I felt my soul wake up within me. Whenever I receive truth that my soul recognized I feel a spark of inspiration in my spirit. I picked up my pen and started writing and this is what came forth:

Time is a space created by the mind in which it neatly arranges and stores all of its ponderings, rationalizations, ideas, and memories. These are like files that the mind keeps as evidence to validate it’s beliefs and self created reality. To arrange and store these files, the mind built Time, which is like the filling cabinet for all of the analytical data the mind collects.

Time was built by the mind and can only exist within the mind. Therefore, if the mind were to perish so would time itself. What is left when there is no mind, no time? The only thing that is real, The Eternal Now. God.

Time was built by the mind and can only exist within the mind. Therefore, if the mind were to perish so would time itself. What is left when there is no mind, no time? The only thing that is real, The Eternal Now. God.

The present moment is all that truly exists and all that will ever exist. The present moment is the only thing that can never be destroyed and as The Course says, ‘Nothing that is real can ever be destroyed.

The present moment is eternal. The present moment is God.

Without the mind neatly ordering the universe into segments, categories and laws, the truth would be revealed to us. The truth is this; Everything is present at all times. In other words, everything that has happened or will happen is happening right now in the present moment.

You may be scratching your head right about now thinking, what the hell is she talking about? This is because we cannot experience this truth within the mind. The mind is far to limited for something as vast and expansive as eternity. This is why we will never understand God and the eternal truth.

However, we can experience this truth. Many people experience the presence of God in their life. It often comes and goes as if in a flash. The mind often intercepts these experiences which gives the sense that they only lasted for a moment. In this experience of truth we are present with reality. We are present with the eternal now, with God. It is in the present moment that we find true peace, joy and gratitude. This experience can only be felt in our heart. Once the mind intercepts and turns it into an experience it then feels like an echo of something you can’t quite remember. You have the remnants of the feeling but you can’t quite put your finger on it or find the words to explain it. It feels like De Ja Vu or like waking from a dream that you can’t remember but you can still feel.

The problem we have is in trying to explain this truth to ourself and others. Once the mind has made something into an experience it loses its true essence. It then becomes a blurry reflection of the truth. Like I said, the mind it too limited to hold the Eternal Truth.

Even as I write, these words can never truly explain The Truth with integrity. Language, like time, is a creation of the mind and therefore can only exist within the limited boundaries of the mind. My words and any other words that teach of The Truth are but a finger pointing in the direction of the Truth. As the old saying goes ” my teaching is but a finger pointing to the moon”

The truth can never be found within words, ideas or ideals. The Truth can only be realized by the soul. It can only truly be experienced within your heart. To become one with the present moment and step into the Truth of God, you must become present with the conciousness that dwells within and without the body. You must see with the eyes of the soul and understand with the “mind” of the heart.

Take the essence of my teaching into meditation. Do not dissect the words that I write and try to find the Truth within them. Instead, allow these words to point you in the direction of Truth. To experience eternity we must only allow ourselves to let go of our mind created reality and submit to God.

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