How To Get Through Mercury Retrograde Like A Boss

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is a period of time during the year in which the planet Mercury appears to move backwards. This has to do with the orbit of the earth and mercury around the sun.

In astrology, the planet Mercury is associated with communication, travel, technology and ideas. When Mercury goes into retrograde it is know to cause disruptions in this are of life. That could mean car troubles, glitchy tech, missed communications and travel delays. It also can affect your personal communication both with yourself and with others.

The common advice that is give during Mercury Retrograde is to avoid staring new projects, scheduling important meetings, traveling, making big purchases or signing new contracts. However, not everyone has the ability to bring their life to a halt for a few weeks multiple times a year.

So what do you do? How can you get through Mercury Retrograde without losing your mind? I got you covered.

7 Tips To Keep You Sane During Mercury Retrograde

1. Choose Your Words Wisely

You don’t have to stress about meetings or engagements during Mercury Retrograde. You only need to be extra aware of the possibility of miscommunications in this time. During MR communication can get a little murky. Often times intentions are lost in translation which can lead to misunderstandings. It is very important to carefully consider your words in this time. You should not assume that the person/people that you are speaking to will know your intention. Make sure that you communicate your intent clearly and offer to address any questions or concerns with an open mind.

2. Listen Carefully

Active listening is a must during this time. MR can influence us to swing from one extreme to the other either talking too much or going off into LaLa land when someone else is speaking. In order to listen with intent and really hear what others are saying you must remain present. Practicing mindful breathing is a great way to keep yourself grounded in the present moment.

3. Take a Break From The Screen

Technology can get a little whacky during MR. Computer glitches, dropped calls, lost emails etc. can all make you feel like pulling your hair out. Make sure that you are limiting your screen time and taking regular breaks from technology. This a great opportunity to go out into nature and connect with the world around you without viewing it through a screen.

4. Pay Attention To Details

You may notice that you feel a bit more spacey and forgetful during MR. That is completely normal. The other day I wrote the year down as 2221 on a form I was filling out and didn’t catch it. Luckily the woman caught it when I turned it in. This is a typical Mercury Retrograde moment. These little overlooked details may not seem important, but trust me, if you get enough piled up it can turn into a nightmare. So take a little extra time, slow down and double check everything.

5. Be Flexible

Plans are quite likely to be disrupted during this time. Perhaps more than usual. Make certain that you allow yourself the time to reschedule or move things around in your calendar. This is true for running your daily errands or accomplishing tasks at work or home. Consider giving yourself a little extra time to account for possible set backs such as car accidents, canceled flights, computer glitches or otherwise.

6. Make Self Care a Priority

Self-care should always be a priority in your daily life but especially during Mercury Retrograde. Depending on where Mercury is transiting in your chart you may experience everything from insomnia, brain fog, or heightened emotions. Add that the to little (and sometimes big) annoyances that we can face with MR it can really start to wear a person down. Getting plenty of R&R, exercise and play are important keys to staying sane and feeling your best.

7. Review-Review-Review

I once heard that Mercury Retrograde was a good time to do anything that starts with Re. Mercury Retrograde provides an opportunity for us to slow down in our often fast paced lives. It calls us to pay attention, listen, and recalibrate ourself. If you allow this time to serve you rather than hinder you, you will see that it is a great time to spend reevaluating, reassessing, and realigning our goals and intentions.

To sum things up

Mercury Retrograde doesn’t need to be something that you fear or a hindrance to our life. It can be used as a powerful time period of reflection and inner work. It demands that we bring our full attention into the present moment and become more attentive with our relationships, our words and our work. And so I encourage you to use this time to reflect on your life and the plans you have and perhaps you will come out of this period of Mercury Retrograde with a perspective that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

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